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Did you want a temporary or permanent landing page, website, to sell the book, webinar, course, service or otherwise for the purpose of promoting a cause?
We accept everything and no obligation!
Design for yourself or use our services. Ready-made templates, simple and easy design with ready-made templates.

What are Jacky rooms?

for example: yourname.jackylearn.com

So what do you get?

Create a digital space that has everything you want. With the help of our service you can present and design everything you want in one place

Individuals, small and large groups, normal or password-protected websites, teachers, lecturers, instructors, course owners and more

Basic features:

Secure domain with SSL certificate
A focused and clear management interface in the language of your choice
Elementor – a simple and convenient page building and design interface
Landing page templates to quickly build the site
Responsive (mobile friendly)
You can create as many pages and posts as you want
A website or page will be public / private / password protected
Media up to 500 MB (more can be requested)
Upload documents and files for users to download
Social media links and share buttons
Embed videos
SEO element

Please mention with your order your Room desired name and what is the room about – for what purpose

Only 6 $ per month!

Advanced features:

Use our website builders to design and build your website
Messenger chat linked to a profile, page or group
Implementation of a WhatsApp button to contact through the website
Turn the website into an online store – selling physical and digital products
Option to add multiple languages
Uploading photos and files to the site (beyond the base)
Allow users to upload documents
Contact form pointing to your email
Connection to your Google advertising tool
And the list goes on…



Prices do not include tutorials on the system (links will be given to tutorials on YouTube for those who request), construction and design of pages in general construction of the site. In addition, any request from the additional services indicated or other requests will be priced on demand. The platform staff is responsible for creating the site and submitting a username and password to the customer. Responsible for general storage security and infrastructure related glitches. We will not be responsible for lost materials and malfunctions resulting from unreasonable use

Visit also our Privacy Policy

Want to have a Room with us? Have some questions?

What happens next?

After you finish to make the order, Jacky will create your room (usually takes up to 7 days).

Next, you’ll get a link with administrator access to manage and design your Room.

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