What is Jacky?

Make learning and teaching reachable for everyone

Let’s start from the beginning


Jacky is an e-learning platform where everyone can benefit from diverse subjects of online courses.

What is so special about us? What makes us different?

With Jacky everyone can teach and everyone can learn.

Jacky came from an Idea that everyone can interact online, everyone has their hobbies and expertise and everyone can profit from it.

Your  revenue & share from sold courses is higher than other e- learning platforms!

Moreover, you won’t need to deal with building your course! Just send us all the materials and we’ll do it for you.

We have a lot to learn from so many people and they get to earn money from it so they can continue to do so.


Our Mission & Vision:

To give everyone the ability to share their knowledge and to profit from it.

Now, who is everyone exactly? 

Children, parents,students, pensioners, your family, friends and neighbors, can come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.. Really everyone.

And what subjects do they write about?

In Jacky, Courses can be on any subject; it can be common as programming, marketing and design and can be on your hobby or specialty. 

kids can submit origami courses (to save for pocket money), students can upload mathematics lessons (to help them pay for expenses) and you can explain how to build a garden for your balcony (for extra income)

So you see, as a user of our platform you contribute to course owners and benefit ,if you choose, to upload a course of your own.

Join us now!

Have a subject you can deliver to other in a form of course? ask a review

Watch, read, review and interact with other courses in many subjects

eBooks can be short as few pages or long stories. Have interesting subject you can make a eBook out of it?

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