Creating engaging content for your course or eBook

Have a course or eBook on mind? We’ll give you some Tips about creating engaging content that will drive reviews and sales!


plan all the content you need ahead of time, and then, just take it out of your head and upload it to the paper / computer.

You must have read the immortal phrase in internet terms “content is king” in the past. This means that in order to increase the organic traffic to your site, in order to get more leads and increase revenue you need to create quality content.

A good content is one that causes people to stop what they are doing to read and share it with others. It’s useful, inspiring & beautifully written content

There are several options uploading your course content. here are some:

  • Video record yourself / animation
  • Video – screen recordings.
  • Text content
  • Attaches  documents

We do not know who our online readers are. We do not know what they are necessarily looking for. Therefore, unlike writing intended for any person or body, on the Internet we write to every man (for the general public). This writing will then be more general, broader and of course more concise.

In writing for a Course / blog / eBook,  we will try not to use professional terms and difficult-to-digest terms. Instead, we will try to use simple and easy-to-understand language so that every surfer (age, gender, identity) will find himself in our content and that the likelihood that he will purchase from us or rent our services increases.

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